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Binary Option Trading Vs Betting Vs Gambling

Binary Option Trading Vs Betting Vs Gambling

Binary Option Trading Vs Betting Vs Gambling! Most people and most experts believe that Forex and Binary Option trading are like betting or gambling. I believe that this is not true because we have different parameter in betting gambling and binary option trading . Some parameters are similar but the others are different.

Which one is investing?


No one can’t claim that Gambling is an investment opportunity! There is no any reasonable factor to say that you can look at gambling for your daily or monthly incoming! gambling is a fun game you can lose or win just for fun most people go to casino for fun not to earn money for their life most of them earn money from their jobs and lose their money in casino!!


Betting in this part is look like gambling most people just bet and lose their money in betting market they are looking for fun in betting market!

binbotpro Binary Option Trading Vs Betting Vs Gambling

Binary Options:

Binary Option can be an investment opportunity because you can trade on Stocks or Currencies or Energy so It is possible to read expert reviews for your daily or hourly trading.
Is Binary option trading like a gamble?
If you ask this question and want know the short answer I should say yes! This is a gamble for you because you don’t know anything about this market! Then you will open your trade by chance in this scenario you are gambler not a trader.
On binary Option some brokers offer you 30 seconds option. It means that you should predict next 30 seconds to earn profit even expert traders can’t predict what will happen during next 30 seconds. Then I think this kind of trading is not trade-it’s gamble. But on Binary option trading you have another choice too like hourly trade or daily or sometimes yearly trade in this situation. You can predict market and this is not like gamble or betting.

Which One is more excited?

If you are looking for rapturous or amazing job, I think betting on your favorites team is very amazing. Playing in casino is amazing. You will win or lose very fast and you can go to casino and play physically. No online so it’s more excited than online gambling. On the other side, we have binary option trading . I believe only fast forex binary option is very amazing when market go up or down but when you are trading for long time the amazing rate will decrease!

Binary Option Trading Vs Betting Vs Gambling


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