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Candle Graph: how to use it

Candle Graph: how to use it

Candle Graph: how to use it! Candle chart has proven to become perhaps one of the most widely used chart representations among dealers. Each candle includes the advice regarding quotes’ movement during a chosen time period (30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.) That is quite a bit more enlightening than analyzing the region chart. You can set the needed time and find out how it went: whether the trend was rising or falling. Which enables one to predict what’s going to happen into another candle and create a profitable investment.

In that report, we’ll give you all that you want to learn to start using candle charts and exchange professionally.

Let’s begin with what the coloration of the candle actually means. If the candle is green, then it signifies that the rising movement of quotes. When it is crimson – quotes were falling down during the specified period of time. Candle Graph: how to use it

The real human anatomy of every candle is confined by the upper edge and lower border. Those are open price and close price. For the green rising candle that the lower border is an additional price level and the top border is a closing price. And because of the red, falling candle that the upper edge indicates an open price plus a lesser one is a close price.

Shadows of the candle would be those thin lines above and below the body. Those reveal traders that the array of quote movement during the selected timeframe. In other words, although the candle is fixed by edges of open and close price, it still might have moved much higher or much lower compared to close or open price. Shadows reveal how far up or down quotes got during the selected time frame.

Besides showing movements of quotes candles can also indicate certain routines which help make your predictions way simpler! We’ll really share that knowledge with you in the following articles.

Use all opportunities to profit.

Candle Graph: how to use it

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