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NEO Cryptocurrency Review – project started in 2014

NEO Cryptocurrency Review – project started in 2014

NEO Cryptocurrency Review – project started in 2014

NEO was set in 2014 and has been real time open source on GitHub at June 2015. Since its beginning, the NEO group has undergone The upsurge and flourish of this blockchain business along with the frenzy and Cooling of the electronic currency marketplace. We think technology pushes Advancement and we can make the future. Inspired by this, NEO Was created to change our traditional market to the new age of That the “Smart Economy”.

NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain Undertaking That uses blockchain engineering and electronic identity to digitize Assets, to automate the management of digital assets employing intelligent Contracts, and also to realize that a “smart economy” using a dispersed network.


Digital Assets are programmable assets Which Exist in the Shape of electronic data. Together with blockchain technologies, the digitization of assets May be decentralized, trustful, traceable, exceptionally transparent, and liberated of intermediaries. About the NEO blockchain, users Have the Ability to enroll, Trade, and distribute numerous kinds of assets. Proving the relationship Between physical and digital assets is possible through electronic identity. Assets registered via a confirmed digital identity would be Protected by legislation.

NeoContract supports numerous programming languages like C#, Java, and Python. Programmers can quickly develop Wise contracts according to the NEO platform with no learning a exceptional language.

NEO unique benefit – siphoned P2P market of digital assets. Buyers and sellers of all digital Assets and monies will be managed peer-to-peer with no demand for Third party deals.

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